Drug History Timeline

Project Details

My RoleLead Developer
SkillsDjango, HTML/CSS/LESS/SASS, Data Visualization, JavaScript, D3.js, Bootstrap, DevOps
ClientsCanadian Institute for Substance Use Research, Walden Media
Dates2016 - ongoing
Researchers wanted a powerful, visual and highly interactive tool that would enable students, teachers and the general public to explore the history of human drug and alcohol usage. This feature-rich, entirely custom timeline was the solution, providing an easy to use window into the more than 10,000 years from the first Natufian beer makers up to the present day.
main timeline interface

D3.js Visualization

The timeline was custom-built using D3.js, a premier JavaScript library for custom visualizations. Panning, scaling, filtering and other advanced features make navigating easy and powerful.

timeline item detail

Going Deeper

Supplemental content, including descriptive text, multimedia and links to external resources, allow users to explore the content in depth.

Daniel Sheinin is talented, creative, and meticulous developer. A superb communicator, Daniel is always responsive to his clients’ needs. No matter the complexity, or the timeline, Daniel will find solutions to meet their requests!
Noni Maté
Principal, Walden Media