My Health Connect

Project Details

My RolesLead Developer, Project Manager
SkillsDjango, HTML/CSS/LESS/SASS, JavaScript, Data Visualization, Python, DevOps
ClientCommunity Health Research Team, Simon Fraser University
Dates2010 - 2018
Healthcare researchers wanted to know if outcomes would be improved for chronic disease patients if they could connect with healthcare professionals online, and have their symptoms and lifestyle metrics monitored. In addition, the BC Cancer Society wanted to conduct research into the effectiveness of providing resources and goal-tracking features for cancer patients. My Health Connect provided a secure and powerful software platform that made these investigations possible.
symptom form

Symptoms and Lifestyle

Using My Health Connect, patients reported on symptoms and lifestyle at regular intervals. Information was processed and analyzed, with the results directed to appropriate members of a multidisciplinary healthcare team.

nurse interface

Professional Support

Nurses and other healthcare professionals were able to monitor all aspects of patients' ongoing care, make adjustments to reporting parameters, and respond quickly to alert conditions.

Comprehensive visualization allowed healthcare professionals and the patients themselves to monitor progress of key metrics over time.

goal setting

Goal Setting

With the oncology module, patients were able to set goals with guidance, track their progress and compliance, and self-evaluate.

Daniel was a pleasure to work with on the creation of this website. His expertise was invaluable as he helped steer us toward efficient solutions and readily problem-solved any challenges we had. He took a complex idea and made a user-friendly interface that our patients enjoyed using.
Scott Lear
Principal Investigator, Community Health Research Team, Simon Fraser University