Project Details

My RoleLead Developer
SkillsiOS, Speech Recognition, Django, Objective C, Python, DevOps, REST APIs
Dates2011 - 2018
Real-time, speech recognition-enabled conversation practice on a smartphone, even offline... this vision became a reality with Supiki, a leading iOS app for people learning English as a second language. The fully custom, media-rich app with ground-breaking features was supported by a purpose-built content management system and enterprise reporting tools.
Supiki main screen

Custom UI

The Supiki interface was custom designed and built throughout, with innovative interactive components and an impressive attention to detail.

Supiki conversation screen

Speech Recognition

One of Supiki's key innovations was the integration of embedded, offline speech recognition. Without taking up airtime or mobile data, users could practice their English conversational skills with an app that understood them and responded appropriately.

side-by-side screens in multiple languages


While Supiki's purpose was to help people learn English, it supported native speakers of many different languages. Its interface was available in Mandarin, Japanese, Korean and Spanish. Internationalization and localization were always at the forefront of the development process.

Daniel has an outstanding ability to ask the right questions, and to create powerful and effective solutions to software design challenges. Daniel is a rare combination: a skilled software engineer, a conceptual thinker, and an excellent and diplomatic communicator. Daniel’s commitment to identifying the best and most appropriate solutions to technical problems, and his ability to work flexibly with a wide range of colleagues and direct reports has been invaluable. It has been my pleasure to have Daniel on my team for over fifteen years. He is a person of great intelligence and integrity, and I have valued his contributions greatly.
Julie Zilber
President & Co-Founder, LinguaComm